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Growth Engine - GamePlan Inbound Plus - Monthly Retainer

Growth Engine - GamePlan Inbound Plus - Monthly Retainer

Growth Engine - GamePlan Inbound Plus - Monthly Retainer


Includes 35 Hrs / 35 pts Per Month and comprises of development through four Inbound GamePlan Playbooks

After completing your 
GamePlan Inbound Strategy* over months 1-3. Your GamePlan Inbound Plus Monthly Retainer commences from month 4 to month 15 [12 Months Minimum Period] and includes the build, launch and management of your Inbound Marketing, Sales and Client Service campaign Playbooks built inside your HubSpot Growth Suite Pro subscription [required as a minimum] or Growth Suite Enterprise [optional upgrade] which is charged at an additional cost by HubSpot directly to you.

This GamePlan and its Playbook is designed to drive targeted traffic to your website and attract new prospects to your company.

This GamePlan and its Playbook is designed to empower your sales team to sell the Inbound way, allowing more time to be spent on prospects that are interested in buying what you supply and increase the teams performance.

This GamePlan and its Playbook is developed to help your client services and support teams find answers quickly.

This GamePlan and its Playbook is designed to measure your Inbound GamePlan Marketing, Sales and Client Service campaigns.


The final three elements of the Growth Engine Roadmap come into play to execute the Playbooks.

It’s time to assemble your Inbound Marketing, Sales, Client Service and Analytics Playbooks to bring them to life through campaigns that are engineered to deliver results and achieve your SMART goals.

By adopting the Inbound flywheel methodology of attract, engage and delight your campaigns will consist of a blend of professionally built campaigns to include collateral such as website and landing pages, SEO optimisation, conversion focussed copy, striking design, engaging videos, educational blogs, organic, paid search & social media traffic with call to actions to drive in leads and create a client experience that excites.

The technical set up of your HubSpot app and assistance with data segmentation and analytics are also included along with your Analytics Playbook being set up to track your success.

Starting with a quality control approach, and post your approval of the campaigns, we build your go live schedule and content calendar.

Your campaigns are launched into the market and your GrowthEngine is running and starts to build up speed.

The gap between 'the Idea' and 'Successful implementation' is bridged.  We have lift off!


Your Inbound Growth Specialist is your navigator who manages your Playbooks and continuously optimises them based on the data analytics and overall campaign performance.

Each month new content and tactical offers are launched, each quarter a new pillar conversion campaign is created in line with your Playbooks.

Full social media scheduling is included along with ongoing SEO optimisation, paid search and social ad campaign management.

We’ve got you covered.. Every component checked, tweaked and fine-tuned to maintain your GrowthEngine performance.

Prefer to speak with a Growth Engine Inbound Specialist before purchasing?

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Exclusions: *Note The Video is for a comprehensive overview of all the strategic and monthly Gameplan retainers.  The Growth Engine GamePlan Inbound Plus Monthly Retainer specifically excludes the GamePlan Inbound Strategy services. To qualify to purchase a GamePlan Plus Inbound Monthly Retainer, you must first purchase or purchase at the same time the GamePlan Inbound Strategy Product that is embedded in your organisation through months 1 to 3. - you can see more on that here. and is charged as a separate and additional investment.